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Pétanque, pronounced "pay-tonk," one of Europe's most popular outdoor games, is a French cousin of both horseshoes and of the Italian bowling game called "bocce.”

“Pétanque is both a fun, social activity and a competitive sport. It can be played for leisure in the backyard or park, or competitively up to world championship level. As a year-round outdoor activity it combines skill, tactics, leisure and fun. It is a game for everyone; where grandparents, parents and children can play on equal terms, as neither age, gender nor ability matters. All that is required is a patch of firm ground, a set of balls, called boules, a jack, called a cochonnet and a sense of fun.” — Egon Pozniak, author of "Pétanque: Boules Down Under."

Claremont Pétanque is an activity of Claremont Human Services and is open to anyone 18-years old and up. We play organized games on Sundays, and pickup games during the week at Larkin Park. If you have your own equipment, you can play there any time.

Larkin Park 12-20-15


FIPJP link
Claremont Pétanque generally follows the guidelines of the international governing body of the sport, Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FIPJP). An English translation of the rules can be downloaded from the FIPJP website, or with this link.

rules of pétanque
A detailed and very interesting translation of the FIPJP rules can be found here:

The official FIPJP-affiliated organization of the United States (the Federation of Pétanque USA) rules are available here:

Click this link to watch a video on how to play pétanque.


Pétanque is played in public areas and private homes, in organized clubs and les structured groups. Here are three organized clubs in Southern California that you might want to get in contact with if you are in their areas.

Los Angeles Pétanque Club (LAPC)

La Boule du Desert (Palm Desert)

San Diego Club de Pétanque

2:00 PM
Larkin Park, Claremont, CA

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Larkin Park is at the northeast corner of Mountain Avenue and Harrison Avenue. The pétanque courts are near the north end of the eastern parking lot which you enter from Harrison Ave.

Larkin Park Péyanque

For routes to use from other cities, please consult this map:

(909) 399-5488


CP playing with TAC

Claremont Pétanqueur, Jeff Barnes explains some details during one of the recent afternoons of play with the Claremont TAC participants.


Claremont pétanque makes available a basic selection of balls for use by activity participants. If you want to play on the courts at times other than the scheduled weekly time, or if you want the comfort and reliability of having your own balls, you should invest in a set of balls and a few cochonets. The balls can be very inexpensive "leisure" balls or very expensive "competition" balls. You can play at the Claremont Pétanque courts with either kind.

There are several sources for leisure and competition pétanque balls and accessories. The most comprehensive vendor in the United States is Pétanque America.

Pétanque America

You might also want to buy directly from manufacturers in Europe. Here are links to some of those sources:

la boule bleue

Obut is the maker of a wide range of pétanque balls and accessories. You can determine the best ball type and size for you with this website.

la boule bleue

Larkin 2-20-15


For an extensive directory of American pétanque clubs, visit the American Pétanque Directory.

American pétanque as covered in France:
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