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The consistent participation of individuals playing the game is the heart of Claremont Pétanque, and without whom, the activity would not exist in Claremont. To have a proper and safe place to play the game, we rely on a variety of organizations and people who work behind the scenes. If you would like to contribute to Claremont Pétanque of your time, tangible resources, or financial support, please contact us. We are grateful for any support, large or small as every donation helps to offset the costs of operations, enhances the weekly playing experience, and helps maintain a viable and enjoyable activity.

(909) 399-5488

To make a financial contribution using the online tool provided by the City of Claremont, please use the link below. You will be taken to an activity enrollment page where donation levels are set up. Just log into the system, select which level you want, and add it to your cart. If you choose this method, please keep in mind that your donation will be reduced by 7% to cover the processing costs. Thank you!

Bardot Group 2016


Claremont Pétanque is indebted to the City of Claremont on a variety of levels for the space in which to conduct the pétanque activity, the maintenance of the surrounding park facilities, the support and guidance of staff members and city leaders, and the assistance of countless volunteers. We hope the continued efforts of these terrific people will help Claremont Pétanque grow and thrive in the years to come.

City of Claremont      Claremont Human Setvices      Claremont Senior Program

Claremont Senior Foundation


We are grateful for the support of the local business community, for financial contributions and in-kind product and service donations. Please support our sponsors, and become one yourself if you have a business or organization that would like to keep Claremont Pétanque thriving.

Jasmine      Claremont Craft Ales      Inter Valley Health Plan      Packing House Wines     Claremont Chamber of Commerce     Heirloom

Orchard Supply     El Ranchero     Saca's      Foothill Car Wash     Trader Joe's

Sprouts    Birkinstock Claremont    Claremont Community School of Music


Pétanque is both an individual and team sport. We are grateful to the generous financial and in-kind support of the individuals shown below. Without this team of generous contributors, Claremont Pétanque would be a much different activity; one with an uncertain future. Please join us in helping Claremont Pétanque grow by adding your name to the list. Thank you!

Bardot Restaurant
Le Pain Quitidien
Ben Bull & Associates
Pétanque America
Karen-Michele and Ben Bull
Kathryn Monahan
Sandy Hardie-Townsend
Marty Slusser
Terri Baumbach
Cori Spencer
Sally Chassman
Michael and Phyllis Eschleman
Lawrence and Jami Flynn
Stephen and Sue Klein
Juan and Lynne Matute
Jeff and Sally Barnes
Nancy Jones
Laurence Lawson
David and Nan Reger
Barbara Mowbray


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